Centuries back, and we are just kidding here, there was a lot of “hard” work involved to launch a successful startup-hard money, hard people and hard times. But the smart people that we realized we are, we simply started and got successful.

A big “thank you” to Mr. Jobs and a lot of other people that have made communication and technologies awesome, we were able to build apps for web and mobile phones faster than the beep of your SMS, aka some messaging service that was used an age ago.

Atcrest Communications (Formerly known as Shift 360) have a team of Designers & Technology Professionals adept in Graphic Designing, 2D & 3D Animation, Online Marketing, Website Design & Development with solution experts in PhP, .NET, Oracle, Java, JD Edwards, HTML, HTML5, Ecommerce Websites Design, Mobile App Development along with Social media marketing. Our exceptionally talented and experienced designers create polished content, while our in-house technology team executes and deploys content on various platforms. This potent combination of Design and Technology allows us to help our clients overcome business challenges through simplification and enrichment of your digital experience, be it for communication with customers or internal processes.

Building any technology and gaining prominence in the market maelstrom that is flooded with app-building people and companies is a challenge. A major problem lies in acquiring the precise technical talents from the talent pool or secondly, not having the right cerebrum to make a project work. And so we founded Atcrest – a place where you show off your entrepreneur nerves and share your idea, while we apply our technical dexterity and creative minds so as to deliver your idea in form of product that romp the market up. Oh, we also help you market your product effectively: all because… we are smart!